Tifton, Georgia

You do gotta love a theater that still plays Rocky Horror at midnight.
You do gotta love a theater that still plays Rocky Horror at midnight.

According to the Tifton’s  website it is known as the “Friendly City”.  The community is located in South Georgia and they say it is a city that truly exemplifies southern hospitality. Tifton is located just off Interstate 75, Highway 82, Highway 319, and US 41, and is anxious to extend some of that hospitality to visitors and prospective newcomers alike.

The website boats that they “are a progressive City ready to accommodate your needs whether they be for a short time, relocation, or looking for a new business or industrial site.”  Tifton is named for the second time as one of “The 100 Best Small Towns in America” in 2001.  So I decided to take the short drive over the Florida boader to find out.

Okay it was a nice small town but really there was nothing much there to do.  I went to main street and took a look at the antique theater and the shopping.  It was mostly second hand merchandise.  Some cool little antique kind of stuff and some nice bargains but there weren’t any stores with new things in them.

As I walked along shopping I took a few pictures. Turns out it was very few pictures as it wasn’t particularly picturesque.  I went to the Pecan store and got some pecans and assorted specialty food items and that was about it.  The people were friendly but the town is depressed and empty and really devoid of things to do.  I’m not saying it isn’t a place to stop along the way to somewhere else, it just isn’t a destination in its own right.

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