Tucson, Arizona

I went to Phoenix to spend the weekend with my boyfriend.  We’ve been there about a dozen times so sometimes it’s kind of hard to find something different to do. We stayed in Scottsdale at a very nice resort called the Orangetree Resort, which I highly recommend.  It was a small apartment with a large bathroom and jacuzzi tub.  There was a kitchenette, a bedroom, a living/dining area and a nice patio out back.  The pool was nice – not great but nice.  The resort was on a golf course but since we don’t golf I can’t say if it was a good course or not.

Anyway we took a day trip to Tucson to see the San Xavier Mission.  I’d been there about 30 years ago and really was looking forward to seeing it again as an adult.  The drive was about 1.45 hours to Old Tucson and we found the mission easily.

Here is a link with some history on the mission:  http://www.sanxaviermission.org/History.html

After some time at the mission we decided to go into Tucson to find someplace to eat a late lunch/early dinner.  Tucson on a Saturday afternoon was like a ghost town.  I mean it was a city but obviously a working city without residents since there was nothing open.  After driving all around; parking and walking around; and then driving some more we finally found a nice Mexican restaurant to eat at.  The El Charro Cafe was an authentic Mexican restaurant with very good food.  The portions were good, the service was friendly and efficient and the prices were just right.

Since we were now feeling full and happy again we decided to take a drive up to the top of Mt. Lemmon to see the sunset.  It was further than anticipated so even though we did eventually make it to the top it was dark by that point and difficult to tell if we could go down another way or if we had to double back.  To be safe we went back the way we came.  Here is a picture of Mt. Lemmon – it did have great views of Tucson and a wonderful sunset.

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