Why book with a Travel Specialist?

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That’s simple.  With the overwhelming number of sources for travel available on the web, it’s no wonder people get frustrated. That’s why the services of a travel specialist is more valuable than ever. If you are going to spend your hard earned money, as well as use your valuable vacation time, it makes perfect sense to use a travel specialist. Our services are at NO cost to you.


We have specialized knowledge and are experts in many destinations. We stay at the resorts, we sail aboard the cruise ships, we dine at the restaurants, we drink at the bars and we experience the destinations first hand so WE KNOW WHAT WE SELL!  We are also experts in understanding and deciphering the vast amount of codes and deals out there.  It’s what we have been trained to do and we do it everyday.


In most cases, our rates are lower than what you will find online. We know that the “cheapest” rate is as well as the best options. We can find you the right vacation that fits your budget without sacrificing quality. No single supplier is going to advise you of a lower fare with a competing supplier. A travel specialist will!


Because I’m doing the work, and you’re sitting back and thinking about all the fun you’ll have on your trip!  Leave the details to me.  I’ll let you know when you deposit is due, when to make the final payment, when to check into your flight or cruise and you get to relax, the details are done.


You get personalized service.  Instead of an impersonal voice thousands of miles away, we are our neighbors.  We know what you want and what you value in your travel experience.  We work for you, not the travel supplier so we are unbiased.  We build lasting relationships with our clients. For a vacation, a Honeymoon, a Destination Wedding or a Family Reunion – We have you covered.  We can help you save time, money and headaches. We act as your personal shopper. We offer one stop shopping for cruises, resorts, airfare, hotels, rental cars, attractions, excursions and more at NO additional cost to you!


If you have a problem with a particular part of your travel experience, we are there to act on your behalf to see that a resolution is made.

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