Travel can be stressful

It’s inevitable, people get stressed when they travel.  Of course, how you handle that stress will directly determine how you feel about the trip when looking back on it years or even a week later.  A wise man said if you’re going to travel pack your patience and your sense of humor because you are going to need it.

Let’s face it.. Shit happens and it is not all good and it is not all bad.  Flights get canceled or missed, hotels mess up and give you one bed when you have 4 guests, cars break down and cruise ships sometimes skip ports.  You really have to learn to adapt or you will drive yourself crazy.  Always have a backup plan or at the very least be prepared for the worst.  You never know when you will be going to Louisiana (LA) and your luggage will be sent to Los Angles (LA).

So tips to handle the changes that are bound to come your way are something that might get you out of a jam.  Like your mother always told you make sure you have clean underwear.  A toothbrush in your purse or carry on is pretty helpful too.


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